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Jeremy has evolved into the leader we all need!

Born in Pennsylvania, Jeremy grew up in a well meaning, but closed minded environment. Racist! Sexist! Anti-gay! If you were different, you were inferior. Period. That's how things were. Despite being a natural genius, Jeremy was also shy and anti-social. When all of these factors were combined, it lead to a youth experience like few others. Jeremy's natural intelligence excelled, while his taste for the offerings of the world were nearly non-existent. Left without a desire for monetary success or social acceptance; Jeremy, age 12, began an undertaking to master himself.

Years of contemplation and growth ignited!

Jeremy's teenage years were filled with difficult thoughts. While other youth were doing normal teenage activities, Jeremy was focused on concepts such as "What am I missing and how do I obtain it?" and "What sort of person do I want to become?". This process continued even into Jeremy's college years. While studying Mathematics Education at the University of Pittsburgh, Jeremy could not find the answers for which he searched. Despite finding even the most difficult college course to be too easy, Jeremy destabilized his life to continue his search for self betterment. In his 21st year, Jeremy came to understand just what sort of person he had become and began to look for the perfect application of his unique skills and abilities.

The transition to leadership!

In the spring of 2001, Jeremy had a seemly random encounter that lead to his move to Idaho. For years prior, Jeremy had been an active costume designer and traveled to events around the east coast and mid-west to compete. Then, this random encounter and dissatisfaction with life in general caused Jeremy to move to Idaho pretty much on a whim. Having never lived in the sparsely populated west, Jeremy quickly found Idaho to be the opportunity he had been looking for. Quickly, Jeremy noticed the lack of events related to his interests and he did. When others were just dreaming, Jeremy efficiently turned dreams into reality. In the fall of 2001, Jeremy started the planning and in April of 2002, he hosted Idaho's first Japanese animation convention, Anime Oasis. 15 years later, Anime Oasis is not only recognized as an important event to Idaho in terms of tourism, but provides personal, social interaction for today's youth that are so focused on interaction via technology. By taking simple, direct action, Jeremy had created $100,000's in tourism revenue and helped our youth feel accepted. But it doesn't stop there! Jeremy doesn't do it for the money; he does it to make Idaho a better place.


Jeremy's not happy! The government of Idaho isn't doing its job. Jeremy has worked hard to over come all of his issues. Racism, GONE! Sexism, GONE! Anti-gay, GONE! Greed, GONE! Jeremy not only knows WHAT needs to be done in Idaho, but knows HOW to bring those people who are lagging behind into 2016. Jeremy knows that its not a blame game. Jeremy knows that its a transition and its hard. There is no one in this world who will easily leave behind the ideals that they have always known to be true. But, it is possible!

Why Jeremy?

Jeremy isn't afraid. If you need proof, you just read it on this page. Jeremy is a natural genius. This isn't arrogance, its fact. Jeremy realizes his gifts and knows how to use them to make Idaho better. Jeremy has leadership skills that are years beyond the average politician in Idaho. When you elect Jeremy, he won't be going to the state capital just to show up. He's going there to lead (even as a freshman legislator). He's going there to make Idaho a place in which we can all have pride. He's going there to take another step towards his destiny.