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Labor Rights

Once upon a time, the United States rewarded its workforce with fair wages, complete benefits and a bright future. Now, the average worker can expect to work harder and longer than the last few generations. Even the once high regarded college degree only holds minimal hope for those who obtain it. Some people will suggest that these people just need to work harder and get a better job and they suggest such without even the most basic understanding of economics. Corporations are growing ever richer, so there is no lack of money, just the unwillingness to paid an honest wage for honest work.
Jeremy believes strongly in worker rights, both through unions and labor organization and through government safeguards.

Equal Rights

Idaho is a frontier land. We live our own lives and leave others to live their own lives, right? Of course that's not the case. Jeremy believes in the simple phrase, "To each, his own." Its that easy: Let people live their lives free of discrimination. The United States is a nation founded for those looking to escape religious prosecution and its about time we actually started living by the founding principals of our country.


In 2015, Idaho ranked 46th in the nation for education with the main issues being K-12 funding and access to pre-school and kindergarten. Education is the most important thing we offer our children, but politician of Idaho prefer to play games and continually under fund the basic needs of Idaho students. Jeremy believes that our education must be fixed at the most basic level beginning with the exact problems we face, K-12 and early education. With no regard to expense Idaho needs to raise teacher pay in hopes of attracting (and retaining) our best and brightest teachers and significantly improve early education access. We cannot hope to succeed in ANY educational ventures until these issues are corrected.


Idaho is a fronteer land. Home of blue sky and open country, right? We live in such beautiful countryside, but yet, the politicians of Idaho want to sell our scenic views for the sake of special interests. For example, Idaho has just approved fracking. While many areas of the country are now turning away from this dangerous oil extraction process, Idaho arrives late to the party. The luster of fracking is long gone; once a solution to over priced foreign oil, fracking is now widely known to be unsafe AND at current and expected oil prices, fracking is not profitable. While fracking operations are defaulting on their debt nationwide, Idaho extends a welcome to this faltering industry. It's as if we are just wanting to destroy the environment for no reason at all. Jeremy believes in an intelligent, balanced plan to environmental concerns. Let's work to take care of Idaho AND Idahoans.


Personally, Jeremy has no interest in using marijuana, but has been an advocate of legalization since the 90's. Illegal drug use creates a heavy burden on law enforcement and our prison system. Legalization generates significant tax revenue (as shown in the handful of states who have recently passed legalization) and destroys criminal trafficking organizations. Its both an issue of public safety and personal freedom.